Director - John-Paul


This post will coordinate the extensive skills and opportunities that I can provide to MindfulVision. The post will ensure mediation between MindfulVision and other organisations in all instances. This post will ensure responsibility for outcomes are assigned appropriately and with consent to ensure the best opportunities exist in meeint MindfulVisions expectations. It is hoped MindfulVision will after 1 year move from its current status as a CIC to a charity. The post will ensure that the requirements set by the 'Charity Commission' and Mindful Visions constitution are upheld throughout the terms of contract.


  • Ensure all commitments are delivered in-line with MindfulVisions focus and purpose.
  • Provide quarterly reports on project to MindfulVision.
  • Provide recommendations yo the CIC in support of meeting MindfulVisions expectations.
  • Administrate and develop services in-lines with MindfulVisions services and provision.